Clean Label
exhibition, conceptual experience
Project Info
Winter 2018
Nate Chang
Cameron Coupe
Jen Vuong
Clean Label is an exhibition that empowers consumers to buy clothing from brands that align with their personal values and highlights prevalent issues in the fashion industry. Through a guided laundromat experience, visitors are invited to view their clothing – their laundry – as possessions of power, and the brands they wear as representative of their values.

As students interested in fashion we wanted to create an experience that would empower other young people to express themselves through their personal style. It was a challenge to strike a balance between being informative and real about the ugly truths in the industry without paralyzing consumers with guilt. The result is a dreamy, fresh-linen-scent space encouraging you to purchase with a purpose.

My primary contribution was content collection, writing, and curation, as well as helping develop the branding and visual system. I developed content with the appropriate tone for  our purpose and implemented on wall signage, t-shirts, table prompts, etc. While it was a collaborative process, major props to Cam and Jen for their amazing photography and Photoshop wizardry and Nate for his drawing and art direction expertise. Truly a clean crew to work with. <3
The Experience
“Your #1 laundromat for keeping your closet fresh and your consumerism intentional.”

Teens and young adults interested in their personal clothing style

An indoor space in a retail area (Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle)

October 4–6, 2018
October 11–13, 2018 (Seattle Fashion Week)

Introduce visitors to the relationship between clothing/brand choices and social issues.

A "laundromat" experience.