Point of Entry
information, data
Project Info
Fall 2017
Advisor: Karen Cheng
Point of Entry is a webpage that introduces viewers to immigration detention nation-wide and in Washington state. The content is divided vertically into two sections – federal on the left and local on the right – and gives an “FAQ”-style overview of some of the many disputed topics surrounding immigration detention (ICE, immigration court, private ownership of detention centers, and protests against detention).

All content and data is extracted from reliable sources, with original copy. The information I gathered was overwhelming and far-reaching, but was narrowed down to a practical amount for the general Seattle public to understand. The result gives people who are curious about the topic, through simple questions and (sometimes not so simple) answers, an introduction (a “point of entry”) to issues within immigration detention, how immigration detention impacts individuals, and how this impact hits near Seattle, just two hours south in Tacoma.
Selected data & content close-ups: