Paid advertising landing page creation


When I was a growth marketing manager at Common, my primary area of responsibility lay in leveraging digital product to support demand generation and lead nurturing. Working closely with the President of Consumer and Director of Growth, I generated 30+ uniquely designed, conversion-optimized landing pages that contain customized design and messaging for different markets, traffic sources, and product lines. Chiseled with minute attention to ongoing A/B tests on copy, CTA positioning, layout, and other elements, these landing pages have been critical to the growth of Common's sales engine as the company scales to 100K beds.

Key skills

Landing Page Creation/Optimization

Front-end development

UX/UI Design

Data Attribution/Automation

Multivariate Testing

Data Analytics

Technology used








Why it matters

The production of customized landing pages led to a new juncture in Common’s marketing efforts as we realized a high level of savings and gains by significantly reducing cost per acquisition. Outside of Common, I've worked with a multitude of brands, such as Olmo and Getaway, as a freelance developer to support custom landing page creation and performance marketing campaigns.