Miscellaneous marketing projects


I enjoy exploring the newest tools and softwares that make creating, building, and collaborating funner and faster. My penchant for learning opened up opportunities to be involved in broad facets of marketing and even end up owning specific channels, such as Common's customer relationship management and email program. From creating an eBook on coliving and redesigning a blog post to reinvigorate its search engine ranking to operationalizing and managing our end-to-end email production process, I've had an involvement in various initiatives that drove major business metrics.

Key skills

Front-end development

Email HTML development



Graphic design

Key softwares



Visual Studio Code




Why it matters

While my main area of focus is growth and product management, I like to get my hands dirty in all sorts of projects that allow me to add value to the business and team. Whether it's by learning HTML to create branded email templates or inDesign to create evergreen content, I've been able to quickly identify and adopt new tools, softwares, and technical languages according to the business's needs.