Self-serve page MVP


This was the final project I created for a Front-End Web Development class at General Assembly that was born from a hypothesis regarding what the most ideal way to pitch our consumer product was. Many real estate sites, such as Airbnb, Zumper, or WeWork, opt for a self-serve listing style website that shows tens, if not hundreds, of possible options to choose from.

Even though the Product team had a hunch that our targeted, personalized sales path offered a more effective and enjoyable experience by eliminating decision paralysis, we wanted to test this traditional, conservative design with minimal Engineering involvement. I created a functional MVP that allowed us to test and validate our hypothesis and assumptions.

Technology used





Material UI



Why it matters

Being close to key metrics and gaining a deep understanding of the sales funnel enabled me to recognize and identify core business needs, create a list of key product features that would test different paths to reach these objectives, and build a prototype with little to no Engineering resources. I witnessed how powerful it can be to effectively marry product, marketing, design, and analytics.